Photography today is a rapidly changing profession. It seems almost anyone with a digital camera can hold themselves out as a “professional photographer”. While anyone who is paid for their work technically is a “professional”, there exists a wide gap in abilities, and therefore the end product. Without a strong combination of education, experience, artistic vision and proper equipment, results can be disappointing. Expertise in all four elements is required to obtain images that will be pleasing, and remain so over time.


Please do not be fooled by images you see on the internet. The images you see on a backlit computer screen, may not look anything like a final print. The reality is that today’s professional grade printers, print at a much higher resolution than most computer screens can produce. Most web images are displayed at 72dpi (dots per inch). Professional printers can print at 2880 dpi. They can look very different, unless you are only interested in photos for display on the web.


Image retouching is critical and widely misunderstood. Anyone with a few hours of Photoshop experience can run a filter or two over a photograph and call it “retouched”. Much of what we see today results in images with skin textures looking plastic, unflattering contrast adjustments and an overall appearance of over processing. The term “overshopped” exists for a reason, and it’s a awful that so many professionals (and their clients) fall victim to it. The trend today of blurring and de-colorized (that kind of sort of, but not really, color or B&W) photo is very fashionable. So were 80’s hair styles and powder blue prom tuxedos.  On the other hand, some of yesterday's black and white and color glamour photographs look as relevant today as they did 50 years ago. In clear, but maybe harsh terms, don’t fall for a fad that will look dated in a few years.


Our approach to retouching is both complex in process, and simple in goal. To us, your body is what a rough sketch is to a painter. We strive to give you a significantly improved, yet natural look. There is no short cut to get fantastic results. Some of the photos in our portfolio took hours to retouch. We take the scalpel, rather than the knife approach to face and body shaping. Many clients say “let me take off 10 pounds before my shoot”. That is a wonderful goal, but it shouldn’t stop you from having a photo session. It looks much more natural to remove pounds from the wrong places, than to add them to the right places. While no one is perfect, but we are confident that we can make you look better. We are really… really…….ok really, really good at removing scars, stretch marks and tattoos (on request) and just about any other real or perceived flaw. We also do a really cool job of making those tattoos look incredibly vibrant for those who desire it.


We use the very best Nikon cameras and lenses. We currently use the flagship Nikon D3x. We have a wide selection of the best Nikon lenses that are made for a variety of situations.  Nothing can repair low resolution digital images taken with out dated inferior equipment.


In our studio we use very modern strobes which fire wirelessly along with a wide selection of light modification tools. For location situations we also use state of the art lighting equipment, which is battery powered and radio controlled.


If this hasn’t put you to sleep, come see us and we can discuss the different software solutions for your photo shoot, which will bore you into a coma.