Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you again for visiting with us.  I am here to guide you through our process in creating the most amazing photographs you will ever have.  I have prepared a special pre-photography guide available at the initial consultation to help get you started.  If I haven't answered all your questions, please contact me and I will be happy to help.  I look forward to meeting with you very soon,



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What are your rates?

Please see our prices & fees for a detailed list of our standard rates.

Prices & fees

Can I use a credit card to pay?

Yes. We accept cash, debit and credit cards.

Is the photographer a man or woman?


We are a husband and wife team. My husband’s passion has always been working behind the camera while I enjoy working with the clients in helping them feel at ease as well as choosing wardrobes and coaching throughout the photo shoot. We always work together and strive to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during your photo session.

I don’t look like a model and my body is not like it used to be. Can you still make me look good?

 Absolutely! Everyone has body issues even models on the front page of any magazine, myself included! But, that is really where the “magic” begins. During your photo session, we will pose and position you to create a special look or scene that is flattering to your body type. After the photo session, we will work with you on the images to retouch the images to create something that looks like you but a little more refined or softened, minimizing your perceived flaws.

What should I bring?


I am asked numerous times about outfits to bring! It can be a conundrum because you don’t want to get there and wish you had that one top. So, here’s my easy answer…

Lingerie:  Bright, fun colors, matching bra and panties, solid color sweaters, and/or funky clothing. Bring your favorite piece or pieces. Lingerie should be tight versus loose fitting as loose fitting will not photograph well on any body. Trust me, it doesn’t work. Boy shorts, tank tops, stockings, athletic jerseys or your husband/boyfriend's dress shirt and tie. In other words, bring a wide variety to choose from. If you don’t have a huge selection or any selection at all, don’t worry. I have a wide variety of options availabe for our clients. If you have black, red and/or white bras and panties to help coordinate with other outfits add them to your bag as I typially mix and match to create a special look. When you arrive, we will spend time going through the outfits so I can get a basic idea on what we will be working with or special ideas to incorporate. The goal is to have at least 5-6 different looks to choose from so if you think maybe, throw it in the bag!

Bodybuilding/Fitness/Bikini: Bring your favorite suit or suits. Solid colors work the best but we can work with any style of bathing suit. If you have time and want a sexy/racy bathing suit, visit I absolutely love their styles and colors. If you have competed before, bring your competition suit and awards to commemorate the special occaision.


Lifestyle:   I call this an “open” category and it is really a celebration of who you are, your personalitiy, special interests, ect. Bring an instrument, hat, clothing, anything that is special to you that we can create a fun and sexy image with you. Visit our website for numerous ideas such as Andrea’s debut of guitar player (she never knew she had it in her)! I also have a number of props to choose from as well.


“In the Raw”:    If you are daring enough, and really, these are incredibly fun and liberating, bring your birthday suit! Visit my “In The Raw"” photos for my favorite looks and style (email us for the password). Our nudes are always done in an elegant somewhat provacative style and NOT full on/”in your face” style. Please note that nudes are optional and are discussed prior to the actual photo shoot. If you don’t ask, we won’t take them. 


Do you still have questions?

If you've looked through our site and still have questions, we'd be glad to help you. Just give us a call at 623 5944763 or use our contact form.