Why Choose Body Reflection Photography?

What sets us apart from the rest? There are many talented photographers who capture wonderful images. There are few, if any in Arizona that offer all of the services we do.  First, we have a wide selection of lingerie, costumes and props available for use during your photo session. We have selection of colors and sizes of corsets, “stripper heels”, boas and of course our exclusive ever popular runway model style large feather angel wings. Much of what you see in our albums is here for your use.


You will have an experienced personal assistant with you from beginning to end. She will help you with everything from preparation, costume selection, dressing and final touches before working with you and the photographer to make sure your posing styles fit your desired outcome.


Yes you may bring along a friend, or significant other.  They only need to agree to stay in the designated area of the studio and keep talking to a minimum during the shoot. 


Exceptional photo retouching is a lot more like preparing a custom gourmet meal than cooking fast food. Images come from the camera “RAW” and need to be processed to taste. The photographer will share his artistic vision with you, however, we believe the amount of digital spice and dressing is an individual decision, best made by you, in collaboration with the photographer. We prefer you actually sit with him for not only the proof selection, but for the retouching of one or two photographs. After he understands exactly what you may want nipped, tucked or brightened or hidden, he can go to work on the remaining images you choose. A small additional investment of your time, will likely result in you being much happier with the final product.


In digital photography, size matters. Only the very latest professional digital cameras have an image sensor large enough to capture both the resolution and dynamic range needed to make quality enlargements. While you may not want large prints today, having a digital image that will enable you to change your mind in the future may be important to you. We currently use the flagship 24.5 megapixel Nikon D3x. It is simply one of the finest professional cameras available and can capture image quality not possible with lesser equipment.


Your privacy is important to us.  All of the images displayed on our website are done so with premission.  We will only post your photos on our website if you so desire.  They will be YOUR images, not ours. They will be stored on encrypted equipmet, backed up and placed in a bank vault.  Unless you specifically desire otherwise, all of your prints will be processed here, on our professional equipment and NOT sent to a third party.  Do you really want what will likely be the most private photos you will ever sit for sent off to a commercial lab for printing?


Please review our pricing page.  We believe that once you compare what we offer it is simply unmatched.  We hope to hear from you soon.